To Kill A King (2003) Film


Benedict can be seen in a small role as a royalist in this drama set during the English Civil War.

To Kill A King is a British drama that was first broadcast on 16 May 2003. It is set during the English Civil War (1645-1658), the year in which also one of the most famous Lord Protectors of England, Scotland and Ireland, Oliver Cromwell died.

Benedict Cumberbatch plays only a small part as royalist in this war drama.

What is it about:
The drama shows the beginning and later violently escalating conflict between the two friends and comrades Oliver Cromwell and Lord Thomas Fairfax. After the victory over King Charles I the conflict between the two former companions starts, bringing the contrasting characters and their different ideas to light.


Mike Barker

Jenny Mayhew

Tim Roth (Oliver Cromwell), Dougray Scott (Lord Thomas Fairfax), Ruper Everett (King Charles I)

more info:
complete list of cast and crew can be seen here hier.