WWI’s Tunnels of Death: The Big Dig (2012) TV


Benedict as narrator in this exciting documentary about excavations of tunnels from World War I.

WW1 ‘s Tunnels of Death : The Big Dig is a 2- part miniseries that aired in November 2012 on Channel 5.

The series documents the largest archaeological excavation of the First World War: in the Belgian village Messines archaeologists and specialists found best-preserved trenches, bunkers and tunnels of the Western Front and discovered the terrible reality of trench warfare and poison gas, but also a Christmas football play.

Episode 1, The Killing Fields, was shown on 8th of November,  Episode 2, Earthquaking the Ridge, on 15th of November 2012 on Channel 5. Episode 2 is accompanied by Benedict Cumberbatch as a narrator:

It shows the discoveries made by Verdegem Simon and his team – tons of hand grenades, a box of bullets for British machine guns, artillery, grenades and hundreds of other cartridges. War and battlefield specialist John Vandewalle and his crew positioned a camera nearly 20 meters deep in a mine shaft, pretty dangerous near those point where one of the largest unexploded bombs in the world is expected to be buried.

Production manager
John Farren

Director and producer
John Hayes Fisher

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Image Credit: board.dailyflix.net